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About Freemasonry
Part One: Definitions
The Scottish Rite
The York Rite
The Shrine
The Eastern Star
Other Masonic organizations
Traditional Observance
European Concept
What is a 33° Mason?
Who is the head of the Masons?
Are there dues, fees, etc.?
What is a Masonic apron?
What is a Masonic funeral?

Part Two: Myths and Misperceptions
Is Masonry dying out?
Are Masons racist?
Is this some kind of cult?
Isn't Masonry a secret society?
Is Masonry is a religion?
Are Masons anti-Catholic?
Are Masonic rituals demeaning?
Do Masons have their own Bible?
Why are there Masonic Temples?

Part Three: Becoming a Mason
Membership requirements
What may I attend as a non-Mason?
Are there ethnic barriers?
...religious barriers?
What if my religion forbids an oath?
I have a physical disability. Can I be a Mason?
Must I be related to a Mason?
Do I have to be invited?
What do I do if I'm interested?

Part Four: History and Culture
Where did Masons come from?
Were the Founding Fathers Masons?
What US Presidents have been Masons?
What famous people have been Masons?
What famous buildings in the US have been laid Masonically?
What is the oldest Lodge Room in the world? In the US?
What about Masonry in fiction and film?
What books would be good introductions?

The basis for this document was the Usenet Masonry FAQ ver 1.3 by Andrew Fabbro and Charles Plater. It has been trimmed, corrected and clarified by Orinda Lodge, and is no longer maintained in parallel with the Usenet FAQ. No individual represents Masonry as a whole and the statements found here merely represent the many authors' best attempts to answer certain questions. Our version of About Freemasonry was last updated 16 March 2009.

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